The importance of literal color to a replica watch is self-evident

Speaking of the watch of the nations, the Portuguese seven-day chain is certainly no stranger to everyone. As the mainstay of the brand of the world, its quality and sales are obvious to all. Today we will share with you another Portuguese seven-day chain replica Swiss watches, ZF produced the limited edition of the Warrens and the authentic comparison.

The importance of literal color to a watch is self-evident, and the difference in color is too big to be a fake. We see that ZF Lawrence's literal color is no different from authentic.

Our magnification is better and clearer, and the color of the small dial is also 1:1. Of course, there is actually a detail that can quickly determine the true and false, that is, the edge scale of the genuine small disk is almost white, and the ZF small disk can clearly see a circle of white. But to be honest, this contrast is a bit nitpicking, because it is very difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

Lawrence's clasp workmanship is as delicate as the buckles of the Portuguese and Portuguese, and it is the original one-to-one, exquisite workmanship. The effect is also different from the blue needle of the Portuguese seven and Portuguese, standing on a dozen replica watches meters away you will be attracted by the unique shape.